July 2015



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Jul. 10th, 2015


Trying to kill a headache and gather some energy so I can take my little Bug canoeing. My baby is all about getting out on or into or next to the water. Yet he claims he doesn't like summer. I wish I hadn't woken up with a headache, we'd be on the river already if I'd woken up feeling good. I shouldn't complain, some people have much bigger problems.

Jul. 6th, 2015

Moving Forward

My last food preservation class is Wednesday. I am both glad it will be over, as it has been oddly difficult to keep up with, and sad because I feel like we've barely scratched the surface of what I was hoping to learn. I have a bunch of homework to do for the last class still and I show no signs of actually doing it. :/ Bleh.

My quest to get my own business going is ... stalled, again. I'm waiting for letters from friends, recommendations so I can be licensed. I thought this part would be easy but it's like herding cats. I should send individual requests to some local people. Maybe Mary could find some time and a few words for me?

I have managed to mostly clean up my altar area and set things up a bit better. I made a little reading nook right by it so it can be a nice spot to meditate and relax. After all these years, I'd really like to start making my spiritual practice an actual focus in my life. It's been back-burnered for so long, it's time to give the gods, who have been so good to me, their due. I've begun to address this by making more room for my religion-related texts and cleaning up the altar area. I've also switched my focus at school to green growing things, nature and sustainability. These are a good start but I need a daily spiritual practice, something to ground me and help me grow. I've put this, and other things important to me, off for nearly two decades, it's time. I'm not talking about indulging myself, I've done that plenty over the years, I'm talking about focusing on things that are important, things that are part of who I am, that make me, ME. I've hidden my real needs from myself by buying things, what I need, what I've needed all along is to be DOING things.

It's time for the fog and confusion to lift!

Jun. 23rd, 2015

Weather on the Way

Today may be an interesting day. We're watching the weather like hawks because we've been told that wicked weather this way comes. There is the possibility of tornadoes, here, where we never get them. If not tornadoes, we may get those straightline winds that just plow things over, things like the massive oak trees all around our house, or, our house. It's enough to make me a little nervous. Even hail would be a great disappointment as my little gardens struggle to survive under my tender mercies as it is. Well, what will be will be. I humbly ask the mighty Thor to keep it cloudy and cool all day so we don't see weather too dramatic.

I suppose I should make sure the storm cellar is all set before lunchtime.